First time travellling Brazil - stories / advice greatly appreciated!!!

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    First time travellling Brazil - stories / advice greatly appreciated!!!

    Hi All,

    My missus and I (both 25yo and well-travelled) will be travelling to Brazil for the first time from 21 March to 9 April 2018 and would love to hear from those that have seen Brazil about their most memorable experiences in the country as well as suggestions for our trip ahead. There are a few areas in particular that we are uncertain of.

    So far, the trip looks as follows: -

    RIO (21 - 25 March), staying in Botafogo.

    Plan to spend one day in Niteroi, another in Sugarloaf Mountain / Praia Vermelha and the final in Ipanema / Leblon / Vidigal favela / Morro Dois Irmaos.

    Also keen to see a local soccer game and a festival / market (e.g. Feira de Sao Cristovao).

    PARATY (25 - 27 March)

    SALVADOR (flying from Rio) (27 - 31 March) staying in Santo Antonio.

    Would love to get a really good taste of Bahian street food and local life.

    Plan to do some snorkelling near Forte Santa Maria, do a daytip to Praia do Forte (possibly pared with Guarajuba beach).

    ??????? (31 March - 3 April)
    Not sure what to do in between though, the way I see it, there are a few options:

    1. Go to Boipeba for the period and get an overnight bus to Maceio.
    2. Make stops up the coast by bus (likely stops will be Aracuja and Penedo though not certain what I would do there).
    3. Spend the time in Chapada Diamantina National Park (though not sure how to get from there to Maceio and not sure what to do / how to do it).
    Would love any ideas for this section.

    MACEIO (3 April - 7 April), staying on the main beach.

    Mostly beach / snorkelling oriented though keen to see Gunga beach, Praia de Pajucara and the fish market. Struggling to find suggestions as to what to do hear and would be keen to see wildlife / do some trekking if that's available in the area. Would love to do day trips from here as well so any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

    Plan to do a day trip to Margogi (for water sports and particularly snorkelling).

    RIO (7 April - 9 April), staying on Copacabana beach.
    Considering going to Feira das Yabas (African food festival) on the 8th to get a bit out of town and get a feel for a different part of the city.

    We made a choice that we’ll hopefully not regret in not going to the Iguazu falls or Bonito. We decided that adding both of these makes the trip feel too rushed and touristy where we really want to experience the culture and food.

    Look forward to hearing back from the forum!

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    Re: First time travellling Brazil - stories / advice greatly appreciated!!!

    Hi David,

    That is quite an ambitious plan you have made.
    I will help you on the way for some tips specific to my region ;-).
    About Salvador.
    If you want to taste the typical streed food from here look for "acarajé", a typical snack you will find allover in Bahia. Careful about the famous 'molho' (hot sauce).
    At a restaurant you should absolutely try a 'moqueca' (local stew that is mostly made with fish or seafood).
    One of the best restaurants in Salvador is the famous SENAC school restaurants, with a free buffet that has over 60 typical local culinairy dishes.

    After Salvador you could go to Boipeba, a very tranquil island, way less touristic than the neighboring Morro de São Paulo.
    Two options to go there :
    - via the Catamaran to Morro the São Paulo, then take a local boat to Boipeba.
    - take a Ferryboat at Terminal São Joachim to sail to Bom Despachio at Itaparica island, from there you take a bus to Valença, where you can take another Ferryboat to Boipeba.

    Alternatively you could go to Chapada Diamantina (also known as the Brazilian Grand Canyon, because of it's table-mounts) for a few days.
    Lençois is your best base, from where you can do 1-day excursions or even a multi-day-trekking.

    It is how-ever possible to combine both of above with Ivan Bahia Guide, who has a direct private transportation link between Lençois and Valença.

    If you want to travel from Lençois to Maceio (about 1.000kms) by bus you will need to do it in 2 steps.
    Go from Lençois to Feira de Santana (BA), where (at the Terminal Rodoviaria/Central Busstation) you have to swith to a bus that will directly drive you to Maceio.
    Information about when to take which bus to where can be found at the excellent site Busca Onibus.
    At the box 'origem' you enter the city you will be starting, at the box 'destino' the place where you want to travel to, and don't forget to choose a date as well. Sometimes you will not find direct links and then you have to be a bit creative, with google maps (for example) as I did here.

    Have safe travels.


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