List of Indian States Which are Most Visited by International Tourists

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    Red face List of Indian States Which are Most Visited by International Tourists

    In terms of advertising and modern infrastructure, the tourism industry of India does not have much to offer, when compared with other developed countries. But its rich history and cultural heritage lure tourists in hordes.

    Some states receive more foreign tourists than others due to their cultural stories and ethnicities. Here, a few of those stories have been mentioned which lures international tourists to these states:

    Jammu and Kashmir:
    Also hailed as the Paradise on Earth by Amir Khusrow in the seventeenth century, this State in spite of being in a state of perpetual political distress manages to welcome a considerable amount of foreign tourists all around the year.

    The beautiful mountains in the northern-most tip of India beckon trekkers and pilgrim-goers. The valleys and the lakes provide a picturesque view that befits paradise.


    The capital of India. All foreign tourists must at some point or other must touch down in the capital city of the nation. Not only to visit the cultural heritage, but also due to a more practical reason that almost all internal flights touch down at Delhi.

    So even if international tourists do not plan on visiting Delhi, they will have to disembark there. They could visit the museums or stroll around the heritage sites, shop or eat out. If they have time on their hands, they could also hop on to a bus and go to Agra and see the Taj Mahal.


    International tourists are lured to Rajasthan with the mysticism which surrounds the land of Maharajas. The capital of this state, Jaipur also known as the pink city is well connected with transportation which makes it easily accessible. Filled with museums and forts, both private and public, this state has a beautiful cultural history.

    Tourists can gain experience camel rides in the Thar Desert and immerse themselves in the gruesome Rajput history that their forts narrate.


    The capital city of this State, Mumbai is believed to be the land of dreams. International tourists flock to Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, Nagpur and Aurangabad. The sheer beauty of the architecture of buildings and caves are captivating.

    All of these cities, especially Mumbai is known for its “star” quality, as the residence of the Indian film Industry, Bollywood. It is also famous for its shopping and street food culture along the marine drive....
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    Re: List of Indian States Which are Most Visited by International Tourists

    There are many places in india, where you can enjoy as a tourist like-
    Jammu And Kashmir
    West Bengal
    Himachal Pradesh

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