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    Interview: WA Experts

    We did an interview with Iwan from WA Experts in Australia. Founded in 2014 and based in Perth, WA Experts offers travellers all the freedom to customise their trip, just the way they like it.

    You can check their website at

    What is the best time of the year to explore West Australia?

    That depends on what you want to do and see!
    The cooler South-Western Australian months (roughly May to October) also bring the dry season in the North of the state which makes this the perfect time of year to explore the Kimberley region and travel the Gibb River Road.

    This is also the best time of year for trips through the desert area as the Great Central Road or the Gunbarrel Highway.

    The area between Perth and Broome is fine to travel throughout the year although from roughly November to April there is an increased chance of (really) bad weather and cyclones.
    Looking at the South of Western Australia the best time of year would be in the warmer months from roughly October to March.

    The famous West Australian Wild Flower season starts in June in the north, and sweeps down the State to finish on the south coast in November.

    If you are not bound to school holidays it pays off to keep the (West) Australian school holidays in mind when planning your trip. During the School holidays some areas can become quite crowded (for Australian standards).

    What are your absolute favourite spots?

    That is a difficult question as there are so many! These four are definitely on the top of my list:
    -Karijini (for the amazing colours, almost tropical natural pools, wild life and waterfalls)
    -Pemberton (for the Karri forest, hidden camp sites and the climbing trees)
    -Coral Bay (for the snorkelling which starts straight at the beach and the atmosphere of the village)
    -Quobba station’s Red Bluff for its remoteness, the swimming, the fishing and the ‘back to basics’ feeling.

    What is your own travel experience?

    In Australia I have travelled extensively throughout Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory.

    Many of my trips were all alone or with just a small group of friends and family. Australia is the ideal country to travel to remote areas but still feel safe, as long as you are well prepared and take proper advise from people who have done it before.
    Worldwide I have 'island hopped' in the Caribbean, travelled most of (Western) Europe by car and train and have spend quite a bit of time in Asian countries with my wife who is from Hong Kong. One great trip took us from Kota Bharu in East Malaysia by train to Singapore and onwards to Kuala Lumpur.

    What is your company about?

    We rent out Toyota Landcruiser Troop Carriers 'Troopies' with roof top tents, all camping and cooking gear and some solid advise about the best places to visit.

    We love to help people planning their trip and quite often have very lengthy conversations even before a booking becomes final. We want to offer the best service available and we like to share our own experiences with our customers.

    All our vehicles come with large water tanks, solar panels, fridge/freezer and all bedding so people can go camping for extended periods of time without the need to get back to civilisation.

    What is the favourite drink in your region?

    Beer, Coffee and Tea, but we also have a great wine region in the South West. That said, we strictly promote the don't drink when you drive policy!

    What is the biggest misconception foreigners have about Australia?

    That there are dangerous spiders, snakes and sharks everywhere!
    Seriously, spiders and snakes don't see you as food so will only bite when you pose a threat. Most of the problems with these animals start by people interfering with the wild life, not the other way around.
    Except for sharks and crocodiles, they will bite. Almost all shark attacks are on people who surf and the number of incidents is a lot lower than the number of people killed while driving to the beach. In crocodile country the only advise is 'not to go in or near the water'.

    You state that travellers should be well prepared and equipped. Is this kind of travel only for experienced campers or also recommended for newbees? How about bringing the kids?

    Definitely not! We equip our vehicles to a high standard and we help preparing our customers before the start on their journey. With each rental we spend at least an hour explaining the ins and outs of the vehicle and answer any questions people might have. If you are completely new to travelling through remote areas we will take all the time you need to make sure you feel confident.

    And yes, bring the kids! We have now a 'Family Troopy' which sits up to 5 people and has two Roof Top Tents. The 5th person can sleep in a swag or separate tent. We have seen kids glowing with energy after a trip where they've encountered Kangaroos, Dolphins, Crocodiles (from a safe distance) and many many other animals!

    Lodges, hotels, B&B, AirBnB? What's your opinion?

    Roof Top Tent! Or, when you want to be a bit more adventurous, Swag!
    But sometimes it can be nice to have a shower and a real bed. Personally I like the hotel or apartment idea as that will give me some privacy and 'escape' from the travels.

    Can one camp anywhere in WA if staying in the Troopy?

    No, usually it's not allowed to camp close to towns and cities unless you camp on an official camp site. Also, you can only camp on someone's property with permission from the land owner.
    That said, there are many 'free' campsites and larges areas where camping in the wild is totally accepted.

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